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“When you, awareness, have no more relationship to separation, you are one” —John de Ruiter

This meeting begins with a short and beautiful talk where John explains what it means to drop into a deeper level of meaning within; a deeper level of meaning that has nothing to do with our selves, and which when responded to, takes us into our heart.

A deeper level of value, a deeper level of meaning, is what you come into when you realize a level of meaning, within, that isn’t derived from who you are, even who you are in relationship to your self, but a level of meaning, within, that has to do with what you are.–John de Ruiter

The second questioner asks about experiencing intense bodily discomfort for most of his life. John says that the most common form of discomfort is the discomfort of being separate. What follows is the most endearing, warm, inspiring and lovely teaching about how to be in and then move out of separation and into oneness. John defines separation and what causes it. He says that when we cease giving power to separation, when we stop relating to it and instead relate to what we know even in the midst of the experience of separation, separation returns to it’s source; and it’s source is one.

When you are being openness in the midst of separation, separation warms up to you. It begins to snuggle with you. As it does, it’s being the same as you are and you are one.–John de Ruiter

The third and final questioner in this meeting presents the question of a higher intelligence guiding her. John explains that true guidance doesn’t come from a higher intelligence but from following the code of our heart. What is code? How to know code? how to move by code? John takes the questioner and the audience into the magical world of turning into code.

Code is direct knowledge. It’s only when you’re relating to it that you’re being it.–John de Ruiter

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