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This Tuesday, December 10, there’s a cinema night at the College. The movie is family-friendly. I think it’s PG13. It’s just an inoffensive pleasure for all to enjoy.

Inside of us there is a capacity to create kindling, and the kindling can be very, very fine, and very, very clean and dry, so that any spark, any tiny little spark that flies its way can instantly catch fire. The response can be tender and bright and real, but immediate and powerful. A great big fire can burn out of that.

I’ve never seen this movie, but what I gather is that it is about the immediate response that just flies forward and catches that spark with total responsiveness and cleanness. The character in the movie is just responding and responding and responding. All pretense and all self-consciousness fall aside. There’s consideration for everybody, but that consideration is secondary to the immediate in-loveness and big Y-E-S towards that subject; a big wide-open heart receiving and responding to something that is more dear and more sweet than anything known before.

I think that sounds pretty good, and we’ll all just enjoy gathering together, bundling up. Movie nights in the winter are always extra special, so bring somebody warm and cuddly to sit next to – basically everybody! – and we’ll see you this Tuesday.

Cinema Night at the College of Integrated Philosophy
10 December, 2019
Doors open at 6pm for mingling, popcorn and refreshments
Movie starts at 7:15pm!

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