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Text Highlight: Cinema Night Open Mic January 11, 2018

By February 12, 2021Information

This excerpt from an Open Mic followed the movie, Midnight Special, shown at a Cinema Night at the College in Edmonton on January 11, 2018. Some of the questioners comments are paraphrased.

Well, well! What does all that mean?!

Q1: I was touched by the last scene where the father is standing on the bridge, imprisoned, with two guards watching him, so connected to the more of what he now knew and believed. I got that that’s everything. You’ve spoken about how you would thrive even in a concentration camp and I could see that man thriving in gold, even if he would stand there forever.

It got a little better than that! Did you see the light come on in his eyes?

Q1: Yes, that it’s also in him now. He was transforming, too, into what his son was and where he came from. What did you see in the light?

Arising connectivity with everything represented just a little bit earlier in the movie.

Q1: It was a very strong moment for me. I felt the structure of what was landing, in this room. It’s what we see and speak about: another world, another reality landing, transforming. Is there more to it?


Q1: What did you love most about it? What did you want to show us with that movie more than what is maybe obvious?

Everything you saw because of everything you knew. You have your own parallel to that.

Q1: What I mostly see is that I’m coming into more and more of all I can live without, when I am connected to that. I saw in the other characters that they knew something of more importance than anything they would hold onto, or love to have in their human life, and they gave to it.

Q2: Nicolas said that you had exclaimed: “So perfect! So perfect!” about this movie, and I assumed it has something to do with what we are moving in now. Can you speak to the timing of showing this movie now, at the end of the winter seminar?

There’s much in it that everyone can muse in without needing anything to be spelled out.

Q2: Does anything of the movie relate to sexual fields? You just spoke earlier of really enjoying how the centre of the structure was in that golden field. Do you see any connection between sexual fields we’ve been speaking about and what is moving in the movie?

That as the levels of the sexual fields link together and open, there’s no limit as to its reach, its connectivity, and its key. 

Q2: I only know I respond to it. I don’t know anything else about it.

The response is enough to take you in.

Q2: So no need for understanding, but believing if I sense a connection?

You, believing the connectivity that you know. Responding right into it. You being taken in that.

Q2: With the boy you would see these glimpses of eyes and he would do miracles, and that makes it really easy to believe. I don’t see you do seen miracles, and maybe we don’t need that evidence. 

Miracles are unusual things taking place.

Q2: So I can look for the miracles?

For the unusual, the unusual that opens, that you’re brought into that is beyond what you would relate to in your self.

Q2: Can a man relate to the sexual points or is it better for me to see if I can find them in my wife?

It’s the opening of the fields that makes it.

Q2: What does that mean?

The opening of the fields reveals what couldn’t have otherwise been seen.

Q2: In me, in anybody, or in you?

In anyone.

Q2: And there’s an ebb and flow to the sexual fields? So they’ll open and close and open?

They start to open with the being, in its deeper levels, filling humanness, and that being-filled humanness filling sexuality. The focus of it isn’t sexual, but rather the goldenness and the power of sexual fields and their linking, and how that connects to the beyond.

Q2: And in that we’ll lose our self or our person as we know it.

You’ll lose your whole relationship with your self and life as you’ve known it.

Q2: I think I know that and I think that’s why I’m so afraid of it.

It’s way better than the movie! 

Q2: Thank you.

Q3: The part that I found most moving was when the cities appeared in the field, and not like the cities of this world. When we make cities or buildings in this world they’re much more functional, and those forms in the movie seemed to be expressions of knowledge. They were not separate from nature, their own technology, or essence so it was like a oneness, a wholeness of being coming right out into form. I can imagine they lived freely in love, without boundaries, but in a connectivity that’s so apparent and clean. What did you see in these cities or forms that appeared after the boy opened?

It’s a parallel in the movie, but that sexuality is accessible through any kind of self, and the sexual fields are not accessible through the self. The sexual fields in the fullness of their life are all connected and about what is beyond, and in that parallel, everything seen at the end of the movie is all form of the opened reality of those fields.

Q4: Can you say a bit more about sexual fields?

All opened and linked is the enabling, the multi-levelled power of whole beings freely moving through the beyond, fulfilling – perfectly fulfilling – everything here.

Q4: The movie connects me to something that’s hard to describe, that I feel I knew before I came into this life.

The sexual fields, all opened into our selves, in short, is it. It is as protected as it is accessible. Because it is all to code it can’t be broken into. It can’t be hacked into. It can’t be corrupted. If you come into them, as soon as you’re not like them you’re separate from them; you’re not in them. It’s all about fulfillment beyond.

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