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Polarity offers you protection, protection of all that you have avoided in your subconscious. The profound truth of non polarity needs to form in your perspective. It needs to hold on your perspective without you holding the thought.” —John de Ruiter

This meeting explores different aspects of polarization, and how oneness can replace polarity. Both questioners are asking about experiencing moments of silence, or a ‘nothing’ space, and then not being able to stay in those beautiful spaces while in life.

John explains the The value of a non-polarized zone, a non-polarized level that is clean of any kind of experience. This zone replaces our comfort zone which is dependant on experiencing the self, and shows us you how to be without anything. Then when we come out of that state of ‘having no dressing’ into being in the midst of all of the dressings, instead of going by feeling and experience, we go only by knowing. The key is in the relating, relating to knowing instead of relating to experience. It’s like opening without a map. 

To the second questioner John says that in those moments of silence that are so fleeting, he is actually relating without the use of polarity. A very comprehensive discourse follows, about the common use of polarity to run away from what is uncomfortable to see in the subconscious. John offers practical instructions on how to let the knowing and the presence in those precious moments of silence and clarity enter the nervous system, the self and person. And again, the point is made that it is all in the relating. Relating is an activity, it’s how awareness moves. Relating to what you know in those moments of non polarity and moving by that knowing while opening in life dissolves the polarity. In the final stages of the talk, John goes into describing how to move as knowing on different levels and how to move in the level of the future.

As you open, you depolarize.  When you open for a reason, you open through the perceived safety of polarization. When you open without a reason, when you open because opening is true and it needs no perceived surface connection, no surface reason, as you open, you depolarize. —John de Ruiter

John’s answers about polarity and non polarity were new for me and helpful in a practical way.
I loved how the questioners take in what John says and relate to what they know in it, already putting into action what John is advising.  

Enjoy and please leave feedback and comments about this meeting!


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