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Text Highlights: Nordegg, Canada August 25 & 26, 2017

By September 14, 2017Information

August 26, 2017 A delightful and practical description of a life-skill.


Q: How do I take on new responsibilities and at the same time be okay with what’s
around me?

John: On the inside, by you always being about building something. As easy as it is for
you to break something on the inside, or on the outside, you become clear that you’re
really all about building.
When you are about building something good on the inside, you’re taking on new
responsibility and it changes your whole relationship with everything that’s outside of
your self. It changes your relationship with circumstances and difficulty, and with others.
When you’re building something on the inside you’ll be putting something together that
in your heart you know is good, and you’re helping that goodness on the inside. You’re
being responsible for what is good in you and that changes how you are with others.
Just live liking helping what is good inside. It feels a little bit like watering a flower. Notice
the different flowers inside and like helping them, and you’ll see them in others.


August 25, 2017 An exchange about sustaining an awakening.


Q: I wanted to talk to you about the opening that I had this summer. I experienced so
much love and it felt as if my being was moving directly through my body. I was moving
in this flow of everything. I haven’t been able to get back to that place since, and I
wondered if you had any advice for how I can work every day, that way.

John: Like being mastered by the seeing that you had in it. Instead of it being in your
control, you let that seeing, and what you know in the seeing, control you. So you let it
govern your feeling and your thinking.

Q: So it’s really to do with letting go of any control over it: I can’t try and get back to that
– I just have to let go and it will come?

John: Like letting it have you, and let it have you in all of the really little things.

Q: What would be an example of letting it have me in something little?

John: When there’s the tiniest little thing that annoys or frustrates you – just something
practical – let the perspective that you were in, while in that experience, have you. Let it
have you concerning tiny little things that matter to you.

Q: In letting it have me, am I relating to it? Is that an active thing I’m doing, or is that
trying too hard to have it again?

John: It’s a love thing more than an active thing.

Q: So the more that I let go and love it having me, the more it will have me?

John: In the midst of really little things.

Q: Thank you.

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