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Sexuality Series – 001 – Opening Deeper Sexuality” As the opening CD/download of the sexuality series, this collection of talks recorded in both formal and informal meetings deals with the basics. John opens up the subject of sexuality and physical intimacy, beyond our accustomed relating to appetite, performance, attraction and aversion, and into sexuality as the meeting and movement of love in everything real. Combining a talk from 2000 with talks from 2014 and 2015, the topic of sexuality and the physical body is explored. Within the context of deeper sexuality John talks about the healing of past distortion, returning sexuality back to the heart and to the being, being present in sexuality instead of needing sex, sex in the context of a relationship, true communion through the physical, the difference between how a man and how a woman move… and so much more.

“Profound sexuality has little to do with your experience of sexuality. Profound sexuality connects you to your own being and enables you to meet and commune.” 

“What you realize in coming together as hearts and beings through the physical is how to move in your whole life, how to be in your selves. It’s where you’re able to be in full communication without needing to involve your selves. Your personality isn’t needed. What kind of person you’ve been isn’t needed. What kind of self you have, with its abilities or its disabilities, isn’t needed. You’re able to communicate directly to each other and with each other, communicating your heart and your being through the physical.”

Sexuality Series – 002 – Sexuality and Power” John addresses the many distortions of our sexuality when it is connected to personal power, and points the way to a sexuality that is an expression of real love. A transformation of old ways of want and need into a sexuality that is anchored in the heart and free of agenda. John explains how to move in sexuality without repression, from a true orientation; not suppressing or turning away but being still in the midst of it.

“Let your sexuality come up without you having to do anything with it. Just completely resting in it. And using your power to let go of any need. When power is released then when you would most want to use it, that is when your heart most opens up.”

Sexuality Series – 003 –” – about sexuality and the deeper levels – coming soon!

Sexuality Series – 004 – The Deeper Mystery of Sexuality” contains talks mostly from the most recent Edmonton winter seminar Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016, from both formal and informal meetings. It’s almost impossible to review this CD because it’s so full… So many topics are unveiled here for the first time and so many levels touched. What is deeper sexuality? How does sexuality activate the being? The purpose of true sexual communion. What it means for a man to read and respond to a woman, to know her mystery and through that discover and open to his own mystery.  In response to questions from both men and women, John explains our inner unseen anatomy, the male within the female and the female within the male. The meeting of inner woman and inner man within. One of my favorite topics which John opens up is what this deep level of sexuality does to the mind, how it opens the subtle mind allowing us to move by realization. I find this CD truly transformative.

“What attracts you to woman isn’t first a surface sexual attraction. It is first that woman somehow mysteriously represents what is there in you, but so difficult to recognize. But you sure recognize it in her because it is there in you. —John de Ruiter

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