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To access all of the video on demand from the Winter Seminar 2015/2016
John de Ruiter Video on Demand page.

Video on Demand Highlights

A Subtle Knocking at Your Door – December 27, 2015 Aft 

This is a powerful talk in which John explains the way from beast to being. We are all born with a beast (that’s a relief!). We have the opportunity, in listening to the most subtle direct knowledge that is knocking at our door, to transform the beast so that it bows down to and turns into our being. The most amazing thing is that the beast is actually there to help us go right to the core! This talk is full of the intricacies of how to do this, and more on direct knowledge, subtleties, turning and our training in being what we really are.

A Relaxed Heart Fountain – December 28, 2015 Eve

A very special and touching meeting. With the first questioner the topic is innocence and resistance. The second questioners brings up the issue of giving. John explains that when one responds, one doesn’t need to give, and is actually being given, which is what happens to the beautiful man in the chair. The third questioner sincerely brings up questions about the blueprint, the soul and greater reality, which are all answered.

Rite of Passage to Your Higher Self – December 29, 2015 Eve

A very rich and comprehensive talk, highly recommended!
This talk is about having unfiltered boundaryless mobility in coming from the point of our being, the point that matters most. In coming from that point, moving deeper levels through sexuality, mobility opens and we speed develop the levels of our self. “When you move as what you really are within your sexuality, your presence as consciousness comes into awareness and this presence begins to have movement through what you really are, through your sexuality, making your being real in your self. That speed develops the levels of your self. Through your sexuality, your being has a highway right into your self, and your being gets to have all of your self. Your being gets to have all you’ve given. – John de Ruiter”

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