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Waves of Other Realms –  September 18, 2015 Afternoon

“When your primary relating is to what you know in your heart, that has you being your awakening.”

“Reality is changing. Your unconditional response to your awakening brings you right into that change. It isn’t just the change of your self and your life; it carries you right into the change of reality. You become a manifestation of reality shifting and changing.”

This meeting is kind of like a journey. It’s starts with the questioner knowing to come to Edmonton and expressing her hesitations in light of life’s responsibilities and relationships. John begins by showing her the point of awakening within her knowing. Basic comprehensively explained concepts about going with and being what we know and how that changes our relating and our relationships. John then takes that point of awakening all the way into the deepest. He explains how to be the awakening that we experience rather than just having it; holding hands with our awakening, exercising our awakening, being our awakening and letting it have presence in our lives and in our selves. All of this makes awakening grow and never stop. This changes our selves and it changes our lives.

As the meeting progresses and the questioner sees more, the atmosphere becomes thicker and really magical. John explains that these are waves of other realms, coming in, bringing in awakening. At this point of the journey there is a plunge into the deep, and John speaks about the shift in reality and how to manifest it, unusual awakening, and the portal.

A most helpful, lovely and amazing journey…



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