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The Transformation of Humanity – Sept. 17, 2015 Evening

“When knowing towards another matters more than what you think and feel, then what you are towards the other is love. It’s what enables us to meet as beings.” —John de Ruiter
This talk about connectivity, what we are here for and the transformation of humanity focuses particularly on individuality and the connectedness between those who have awakened to the calling.

Oneness between two or more when they connect on deeper levels is the realization of a shared being, a beingness that is ours. John explains the sameness we share as beings and the tiniest difference, which comes to be manifest as true individuality.

“Humanity fundamentally shifts and humanity exists because we are all the same being; manifesting the tiniest, tiniest difference between our beings in our selves and in person without in the tiniest way compromising that we all are the same, that we all are one being and functionally one being.” 

How do we know that we are all one? What is it that connects us? What kind of shift would this oneness of being bring into this world? How to embody our beings? What does that embodiment look like? How do the deeper levels of the being cause change in our selves? These questions and more, so beautifully answered.

John speaks about the innermost of reality and how it can manifest in physical reality, and what happens when greater reality moves and comes into reality through us.

“The first change is in awareness: you in full return to what you know, you being one with what you know instead of separate. The first change manifested through your heart in your self and in your person makes room for the second change when that comes. It’s coming.”

What is the second change? Watch the VOD to find out 🙂

This is an epic talk. Enjoy!!



watch the vod

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