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This is the first CD in the new relationship series!

Why and how should we enter a relationship? How to know that we are not just following an attraction but have really found the right match? What is dearness? How to be reasonable in a relationship? What is real relationship? How to solidify a relationship? What is the meaning and purpose of commitment?

In this CD, John answers all these questions and more!

I highly recommended this CD for newcomers, people who are considering entering a relationship, just starting a relationship, young people and for anyone interested in the true purpose of being in a relationship, how to choose the right partner and how to make it really work from the beginning…

It begins with an amazing talk from 2001 which contains profound and comprehensive guidance about whether to enter a relationship and how to recognize the difference between a bond and a relationship. I love this talk, I think it’s an essential one that really helps to understand what relationship is really for, and how to make that understanding practical.
“The best way to see, when you’re looking, is to lay aside all personal need.
Because as long as you want the relationship to be, then that’s all you’ll see.”

The second talk is about what to be aware of when feeling attraction to someone and how to find the right person. It’s such a touching talk, especially when John says:
“Look for someone who has suffered and has learned and realized something beautiful in the midst of the suffering. If he hasn’t suffered he doesn’t likely really know himself. There isn’t virtue in suffering. The virtue is in being what is deeper within in the midst of the suffering. Not everyone who has suffered has really learned something or really realized the deeper truth of something.”

The third talk explains dearness, perhaps the most essential element in real relationship, and how to implement it along with reasonableness.
“To have a real relationship you need to have no little self, only a greater self, where feeling begins with Dearness.”

In the fourth talk John speaks to a couple about meeting, commitment, solidifying a relationship. Making goodness happen in relationship, in the midst of difficulties, while sustaining togetherness. A light talk with some laughter and humor, I find it really helpful in going through difficulty and I love how John explains the meaning of commitment.
“In real relationship, meeting deepens, with every difficulty enabling the deepening. In real relationship, there isn’t a personal space. Each doesn’t have and each doesn’t need to have the privacy of a corner. There is no private space that is needed. All of the space lives available for meeting.  If there is any private space, any personal space, then that is the first for you to give.”  

Stay tuned for upcoming CDs in this series, further exploring the topic of relationship, delving into marriage and beyond.

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