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Text Highlight: The Birth of Your Innermost Into This World

By February 15, 2018Information

Fresh from Rishikesh, February 11, 2018! A deeply impactful open mic conversation in which John takes us into the movement of awareness fully given to direct knowing, bringing about the birthing of our innermost into this world.

Q: I’m really loving opening to weakness, releasing the power in my self. Recently I’ve been filled by a quiet knowing and unlimited love that’s so much bigger than my body.  It’s not always in my experience but I know it. Can you speak about walking with knowing that seems to be before experience?

John: You, awareness, knowing, but without experience, without any seeing, facing outwardly would have you move very, very lightly, moving outwardly, moving forward, not understanding where that will go and what it means. All you have is that you know. It’s held very lightly because of you not drawing any conclusions as to what this knowing means. You move very slowly and very lightly because, concerning understanding and seeing, you’re moving blindly, and the only reason that you would move without being able to see and without being able to understand is because you directly know. It is then only as you move that you may, at some point, come into some seeing and some understanding, but it isn’t for that seeing or understanding that you move. You move because of what you directly know, and it’s the same in you, awareness, knowing inwardly, again without seeing and without understanding. But in moving inwardly you don’t move slowly or lightly; you just fully move, being completely taken by what you are directly knowing.

Q: Are you talking about the inner movement or inner and outer movement?

John: This is within. In moving outwardly by direct knowledge but without any seeing in that, without any understanding, you move slowly and very lightly because you’re involving form.

Q: Then I also experience all my weakness and vulnerability.

John: In moving inwardly, not seeing, not understanding but moving because of direct knowledge, you move completely absorbed into what you’re knowing, and being completely absorbed by what you’re knowing, absorbing and being absorbed without any consideration of your self: a complete givenness, your givenness without return, without any thought of return, without any thought of results.

Q: I’m not sure what you mean by “without return”.

John: That there’s no consideration whatsoever that you might get lost, that you might disappear, that you might not ever come back. It’s an absolute givenness into direct knowledge. There’s no consideration of safety because knowing, awareness knowing, is safe, and awareness disappearing into knowing, absolutely given, is safe. This givenness enables you, awareness, to be taken by any direct resonance of the truth within. In being so taken within, a download of new knowledge is given into you, awakened into you. Once landing in you, as the rhythm of being shifts, instead of an inward moving to an outward moving, you will know to be what’s opened up into you, without any seeing, without any understanding, but to manifest way out into form what you now newly, directly know.

Q: What’s the connection between all these abilities as a being that open, and just playing? It seems to come from deep openness, but it also seems connected to the form of self.

John: If you’re playing in it, yes. But in your direct givenness, there isn’t. It doesn’t involve your self other than that you’re being what you are newly knowing directly out into your self, without the use of your self. You’re not using thought and feeling, will or emotion. You’re not using intuition. You’re blindly, as awareness, being direct knowledge moving outwards, slowly. You realize, within form, as you move, without involving your self, there’s also no input from your self. You’re not referencing your past to give you a sense of what your knowing means. You’re not using prior knowledge. All you are is given to new, direct knowledge. It’s clean of all influences and input. It’s you coming out into form: oneness, awareness one with knowledge coming out into form, without the use of form to come out. In some ways, it’s a little bit like newly being born.

In what is like newly being born, you come into a function within form that you’ve never known before. A function newly come-into infiltrates all of your self: an unknown to your self, unseen, un-understood power of mobility, a power in being able to do, on the level of your self, that doesn’t relate to anything that is there in your self. This is new. It’s only as you move in that ability within your forms that you come into your new seeing and understanding of what this all means. There isn’t any part of your mind and your self that this doesn’t affect.

Q: Is there any way to be sure that I’m not involving the past self in this new movement that comes out?

John: If there’s any touch of involvement from your self – using your self in some way as a guidance system – you will touch into gain and loss. You’ll touch into a fear and a hold.

As you move in this new direct knowledge very slowly out into your forms, what you are is love without a face. It’s only in this movement as love, in a way that is free to go anywhere in your self, your person, and your life – without reference to implications, without reference to a personal cost – that love opens up into a newness of seeing within this new function, this new ability. With the newness of seeing comes new understanding. With the seeing and the understanding, love, in its new movement, begins to have a face. The newness of that face awakening, having presence within the interior of your face, changes your thinking, your feeling, your seeing. And as this is all free to move into your person, in your life, this changes your perspective, the basis by which you judge what is real.

Q: I’m not sure I understand. Can you say more, please?

John: The basis by which you conclude, with your forms, in your self, with your self; the way you conclude the truth of what you know that is now all seen and known out in form, and how that changes your perspective. In letting it change your perspective, you’re giving form to knowledge so you are concluding, in your new mind, in your new field of feeling, what you directly know the truth of. You are concluding out in form what you know. You’re building. You are saying out in form what you now know is true that becomes concrete perspective.

It’s by that new perspective that as you move as a person in this world, that you move all differently, manifesting a new function, a new ability in your self that doesn’t come from your self; it comes from the deepest within.

You’re building new form out into this world, not seen by this world yet fully entering this world, connecting all the way out into this world – a depth of humanness not known by you before, a depth of humanness newly manifested new reach in this world: a form introduced into this world that, because it doesn’t come from this world, this world isn’t able to undo. It remains permanently as an influence.

Q: What do you mean by “the world cannot undo”?

John: This brings a new form into this world that, because it doesn’t come from this world, there isn’t anything in this world that is able to undo it. It isn’t subject to deterioration. It’s incorruptible form and function. It is arrived way out here, into this world, from the innermost. It’s a touch of the beginning of what is going to change this world. It is an untouchable, real form. Its presence is the undoing of illusion. Any awareness touching in begins to know and see differently. Once opened in that awareness, it doesn’t close. Awareness can separate from it, but awareness isn’t able to close it.

Q: If it separates but cannot be closed to it, what is the relation between separation and openness in it?

John: Awareness being in response to what it is directly, newly knowing and seeing, or awareness contracting in fear because of newly knowing and seeing and trying to protect its investments, illusory investments within its forms, from this new knowledge, new seeing: awareness separating to defend its forms from the truth within – from what is newly known and seen. The resonance of what is newly arrived form and function in this world awakens any awareness touching into it, affecting its whole personal world. Awareness, there, either responds into it or defends against it, responds into or separates from.

Forms of illusion make outward claim that this is what they are looking for, but once arrived, a form of illusion, on its own, defends against. Awareness within a form of illusion can walk out of that form into new awakening. The walking out disturbs that form that is shared by others. Awareness walking out of a form of illusion is like awareness leaving its team. It isn’t loyal anymore to that form that it realizes is an illusory form, which makes awareness also no longer loyal to that team. It’s awareness being loyal directly to what it is newly knowing and seeing: awareness loyal to what it knows, awareness loyal to being one, regardless of what that may mean in this world.

That movement of awareness that is new disturbs the ground of this world. Because it is a new form and a new function that doesn’t come from this world, this world also has no immunity to this. Ultimately, this world won’t survive it. The planet will. The planet is made for this, while this world isn’t made for this. This world is made by what isn’t going to last. This world is made for what isn’t going to last. Ultimately, it will see its own end.

Humanity lasts wherever it moves like a being.

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