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New Year’s Eve Costume Swap

By November 19, 2015Information, New Years Eve

November 29, 30 & December 1, 2015
A Gift of Wealth Foundation event in conjunction with The College

Bring any items you’d like to donate, including clothing, footwear, fabric, make-up, wigs, props.
Drop your items off on the tables at the back of the Meeting Hall as soon as the doors open, before the Sunday afternoon meeting and before the evening meetings, on the Monday and Tuesday.

People will be there to help you put your items in the following categories:

Swap starts after the afternoon meeting on Sunday 29, and will be open for 30mins before & 20mins after each meeting.

Items donated, but not swapped out, can to be retrieved on December 1 after the evening meeting.

Please note: We will NOT receive any items before Sunday 29 November.

For those of you who wish to loan items, there will be a Loan List set up for that purpose and you can contact the individual on that list directly.

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