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This is the first in the parenting series. It includes talks on the very beginnings: pregnancy and parenting infants and toddlers. These talks offer a lot of practical guidance that can really change the way you look at having children, and the way you relate to them if you are already a parent.

Pre-pregnancy: Why have children? What is the influence of genetics on a child? How to give the child the best opportunity to transcend genetic influences?
“A child comes into this world having to carry what its ancestry both has and hasn’t carried. It comes in with both.  Real parenting has to do with the carrying of all of that; carrying all of that, with the child. Real parenting is the transference of heart-understanding.”

Pregnancy and parenting: how to be in it? how to be a good mother?
“What you are pregnant with isn’t what you think. What you are pregnant with is tenderness. Let it teach you how to be a mother.”

Parenting a toddler: issues of power, how to say no to your child, dealing with anxiety.
“If you’re emotional in your power in trying to settle his power, then you are misusing your power because of how his power is affecting you. Be gentled in your heart in how you are inwardly with him while you are using your power to settle his power.”
A talk with the mother of a little boy, feeling anxiety when the toddler cries or exerts power. John explains the way to say no to the child while staying open and soft. John further explains how to fully meet your child and grow up as a parent.

As John says, being a parent to your self first is the basic and most important element. In that vein, even if you are not a parent, you can apply this guidance to your self! I learned a lot from these talks even without being a parent…


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