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Text Highlight – Moving in Your Humanness: The Awakening of “Her”

By April 11, 2018Cafe, Dialogues

What is this sleeping form of you that John calls “her”? How is “she” related to you? What awakens “her”and what’s the connection to our humanness? It all has to do with “there” coming “here”! Enjoy this discussion with John at the Jewel Café in Edmonton on March 11, 2018.


Q: Can you say more about “there” and “here”? What takes place for someone to start moving “there”?

John: That actually happens quite easily – it just doesn’t register. It’s like a highest value form in a different realm, a form of you that lies sleeping or dormant … but really all there. As soon as you move as your humanness in your life that causes a movement in this other you that’s sleeping or dormant, and this movement causes what is a little bit like a subtle movement inside. If you could watch that form in another realm then you’d say “oh, I think she’s dreaming.” So there’s movement in her, there, that’s affected by you really being in your humanness. The deeper the movement of your humanness, the greater effect on this other dormant, sleeping … but very real form of you.

Q: Humanness meaning the being moving through the self?

John: For its eyes to open, that’s you. For its eyes to open you would have to be solidified goneness into the beyond, all solidified here.

Q: Solidified goneness into the beyond is when you have no regard for your self, in the warmest way?

John: It’s not no regard for your self: it’s such connectedness, and being taken, and given into the beyond that your whole self settles as the beyond.

Q: The self is resting?

John: It’s more than resting; then your self is resting as the beyond.

Q: Then the self has already turned into the beyond?

John: That will open her eyes. That the beyond becomes solid in your self.

Q: When you say the eyes open, what does that look like?

John: Her eyes. It’s you, but it’s so not like your self. It’s her.

Q: For her eyes to open functionally?  

John: When her eyes open she’s seeing.

Q: So it’s another level of functioning?

John: When that happens nothing here will be the same again, for you.

Q: Who’s “her”?

John: You, but what you relate to as being you is so far removed from her, from your perspective, I can’t call it you. But it is, in fact, you.

Q: So why is that “her”? It sounds not human.

John: It’s not, but there’s nothing that moves her interior in her sleep; nothing moves her interior like you embedded in your humanness, moving in your humanness.

Q: So much seems to be happening. Are you awakening more, now? How is this on a group level?

John: The group is getting closer. That’s why I’m speaking about this. On a group level, I’m speaking to that in others, in a meeting, which means in the midst of us, so that really does something to us.

It’s like I’m talking to her, bypassing you, and just speaking directly to her in the connection. But the speaking isn’t with words, it’s like a completely different kind of language: not a different language as in a different sound of words, but a completely different way of communicating. Basically I’m waking her up and then when she starts to move because she’s being woken up, that sucks you right into her. If you were to move you’d be gone, into her, into you.

Q: When we stop seeing the limits of form, this is what we’re made of.

John: It has to do with the highest of what you came here for, and you don’t need to come into that for you to come into what you came here for. That’s just the very highest.

Q: Now I’m seeing the stars. What are the stars in that context?

John: Knowledge of this.

Q: So we were given the stars to know this when we look up?

John: Not to know this. That’s too direct. The self can’t know this, the personality can’t know this, but the resonance of it … there are so many different levels of looking out at the stars or into the stars. The deeper and finer the level, the more you’re seeing from what is similar to what you’re looking into. There’s a resonance to what you find when you look out into the stars. The deeper within that you’re coming from and looking out into, the stronger that resonance.

What it does land is the knowledge that you know something. You have no idea what you know but from a deeper place within, looking out at the stars, all of that resonates. That knowledge vibrates  in you. It doesn’t give you information. It just tells you way more than what your whole life is all about, and there’s nothing, in all of your life, that you have to be able to access what it is you’re knowing when you look up at the stars.

Q: The problem is we think we’re people!

John: That’s right. If you go to the very highest, you are not a person, you are her. It’s so far removed from her that she sleeps while this person is all awake, but all of that awakeness is not real. More than ninety-nine per cent of it is illusory. All of this awakeness gives you the experience and the sense in your body of being an individual and all of that is not real; it’s only actual.

Q: But the perception is that I am human.

John: Humanness is real. Your perception through humanness is real. Your perception through your self is not real. When you see through your humanness you don’t relate through your individuality. What you’re relating through is this nurturing sameness where you are not different from anything or anyone. The beyond lands in you through your humanness, so anything that is separate from your humanness the beyond has no access to; it can’t come.

Q: It seems as if all those doors are locked as long as you relate to your self as an individual.

John: De-identifying to your self doesn’t reconnect you. Settling into your humanness is the beginning of reconnection.

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