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271 – Knowing Your Self from within Your Being
May 30, 2015 morning and afternoon informal meetings

In these powerful talks from the Gillingham, Dorset, UK Retreat, Informal Gatherings of May 30th 2015, John explains how to bring the subconscious freely into experience so that it can become conscious and change; how to heal and integrate the polarity in the self; how to know your self from within your being.

John also talks about ancestral patterns, what we come into this life with, what we take with us and how we meet each other after death. Taking it further, he talks about opening what happens after death while we live. What it means to live as a being and how that changes our perception of time.

I love this CD because it really gets into the nitty gritty detail of how to be and do this. It’s very direct. I find the topics discussed timely and helpful in deeply answering experiences of discomfort and stretching that occur in the self.

272 – Awareness Regaining Innocence
May 29, 2015 morning informal meeting

What are we as awareness? What happens to a child when it’s abused? How do we stay open and soft in the midst of abuse at any age, and how do we regain our innocence if we’ve lost it? John answers these questions and much more in this touching, fundamental and comprehensive talk. John explains the basics, then takes us into our development as oneness – the only development that absolutely matters.

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