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Video on Demand Reviews

The Death of Old Ways
June 5, 2015 afternoon meeting

A stellar meeting…

With the first two questioners there were deep and touching connections. Each questioner is asking how to be in touch with their beings. John answers in words and in silence.

The third questioner is expressing a split she experiences in her self and in her life. John talks about shifting the sovereignty from the self to the being; it’s the beginning of a new perspective. John explains how, when we empower what we know, we move in the new. We move from a personal self and a personal future to a self and a future that belong to our being. It’s a ‘yes’ dance and it’s a shift of power. And it’s also about making it happen and making it real in our lives. I find this to be a very deep-reaching talk. I loved the sincerity and vulnerability of the questioner and the directness of John toward her.

The Subconscious and Conscious Becoming One
June 6, 2015 afternoon meeting

In this special talk new concepts on the topic of the calling are introduced. John says that living in and coming from the calling requires the deeper levels of our being as well as the whole of our selves.

John then brings the topic of the subconscious, most recently explored in the latest audio download from the Osho Leela Retreat, into the context of the calling. John explains how the subconscious and conscious become one, bringing wholeness to a split self. The self becomes like the being and the calling can manifest in person.

Sexuality is for the Communication of Your Being
June 6, 2015 evening meeting

What does it mean for sexuality to be connected to our being? What is sexuality for? What is real womanness? Is masturbation good or bad? John answers these questions and much more in this amazing teaching on sexuality and how it relates to the heart and the being. When sexuality is connected to the self it moves our conditioning. When sexuality is connected to the being through the heart it moves our awakening and real womanness emerges. Beautiful questioner, great comprehensive and practical teaching.

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Audio Download Reviews

274 – The Death of Old Ways
June 4, 2015 afternoon & evening meetings

These powerful talks are about shifting the sovereignty from the self to the heart and the being. John also talks about conditioning, old perspectives and personal choices. He explains how to come out of past conditioning and have a new perspective which emerges directly from what we know in our heart. When our decisions are based on what we know, without judgement our future is no longer personal, and we lead our self instead of following it. A very inspiring, touching, and practical talk.

275 – Altering Your Genetics Within the Calling
June 6, 2015 afternoon meeting

A most profound talk about the calling and how to let it grow and manifest in life. There is an inner horizon that is brought about by response to the calling. The calling moves straight through the gauntlet of your subconsciousness. The further that you go in this, the more you need the deeper levels of your being and the more you need the rest of your self that remains as yet in your subconsciousness. For all of this, you need the whole of your self and not just that of your self that you’re acquainted within your experience. As you integrate your subconsciousness, as it is brought up into your conscious self, it grows into the rest of your self.

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