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Oneness is Intensely Practical
June 22, 2015 afternoon meeting

A most amazing, rich and dynamic first meeting of the Summer Seminar!

How do you make your whole life belong to and support what you are responding to and what you have awakened to?
To the first questioner, John talks about the deeper levels of the personal opening and oneness becoming practical. The questioner is concerned about being spiritually dependent. John speaks about interdependence and ‘being oneness’ in pure response to what awareness knows.

John also delves into the different levels of time and what it means to integrate time, being relaxed while responding within urgency. With the second questioner it’s more of an experiential talk on awakening and how to move and navigate as a being. The third questioner is asking about how to speak of concepts such as greater reality. John talks about the power of words and the commitment within them. In this talk, John says that being what we really are is the entrance point to much, much more. In this meeting, we really get a flavour of that ‘more’ yet to come.

“If it is all about the growth of a tree, then the best ground that you can plant that tree in matters. It can grow in many difference kinds of ground, but not very well. Give the tree the best ground that it can have and it will grow to its potential; the best ground that you know, and into that you go. It’s your love, because you love what you know.” —John de Ruiter

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