Autumn Seminar

Gathering & Host Information

This time around the gatherings will go ahead whether John attends or not. It’s an opportunity for us to explore holding a gathering space rather than a party zone, keeping the focus on moving what is moving. 

The hosts will be making their own guest lists of between 30 and 50 people, depending on how many can fit into their home, and they’ll include around 10 people that are not in their circle of friends.

There’s no restriction on how many times a person gets invited. No-one is keeping track! And, no-one is obliged to accept multiple invitations!

These are the hosts for the post-meeting gatherings for this Seminar.

  • Ali & Praveeta
  • Gretchen & Daniel
  • Sole & Mariano
  • Joel & Katharina
  • Valerie & Sigrid
  • Tina & Barak