Posterity Project

The Posterity Project is a volunteer driven, College sponsored project.

This project has come about to ensure that personal memories of John are not lost to future generations. It will allow others that may come to know him after we are all gone to have as rich and well-rounded a sense of John – as a person living and moving in the world and with others. It will complement the archives of teachings and transmissions the College has already collected over the decades.

As the project is in its infancy, we would like to start with something simple, engaging, and connective for you: precious moments with John – recollections of direct, personal experiences, conversations, or observations. Perhaps it’s a party, cafe, washroom, stag/bridal shower or kitchen encounter – a brief conversation that left an indelible mark on your heart, an enigmatic moment that revealed an aspect of John previously unknown to you – the surprising, the unexpected, the delightful, the humorous, and the tender.

How it works:

  • Personal recollections will be gathered via a recorded Zoom conversation with one of the project team members.
  • They may be shared as part of a book or through video or audio clips, or on John’s website.
  • The pilot version of this project will run from June 1 to June 25, 2021, giving the team a chance to record a few conversations and fine tune procedure and communication.

There will be waves of invitation, so if this particular request doesn’t find its answer in you at this time, there will be other opportunities!

If you like this idea, perhaps it’s time to dig into your treasure chest of little riches so they can be shared with others. 

To put your hand up to participate by sharing a few words about your moment(s). Click the button below!

We know the value of these moments, and we will take care of them by:

  • Enjoying hearing about your moment(s).
  • Sharing some (and perhaps many) moments with others through a book or with video or audio or via the website.
  • Keeping a transcript of all moments shared with us for posterity.