John de Ruiter

Canadian author and spiritual pioneer John de Ruiter opened The College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton to facilitate weekly meetings, seminars, and special events. The building and its interior reflect the delicateness and depth of John’s teaching. The purpose of the College is to make John and his teachings available to anyone that responds to his message of openness and softness of heart lived through core-splitting honesty.
John’s meetings, which he has continued during the pandemic through Zoom, include silent transmission, connection through eye contact, and dialogue. They are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper subtleties of being human, knowing what we really are and allowing that reality to change our lives.

John’s Awakening

John awakened to fundamental levels of reality as a teenager, and teaches that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.” His life and teaching have been informed by direct knowing, a true inspiration that he encourages in those he meets.

The son of Dutch immigrants in Stettler, Alberta, John’s father taught him shoe repair when he was a boy, leading John to become a skilled orthopedic shoe maker.

During his youth, John was more focused on adventure than higher and deeper things — until he stumbled into an immense awakening. At the age of 17 John’s life was irrevocably changed. Dimensions flooded John’s being and he saw that his life would be absorbed by what he had come to know. Seeking understanding of his early awakening, John immersed himself in the study of the Bible, among other religious and spiritual texts.

 As a young man, John worked as a junior pastor at an Edmonton church, but realized that his calling would require his own new approach to communicating ideas about spirituality and philosophy.

John began inviting a handful of people at a time to sit and talk in his living room. It was there that John started revealing realities and speaking from the heart, attracting more people to his unique approach to spirituality.

Much has evolved and changed since those early days.

Thousands of people have discovered inspiration and personal change from the ideas that John has to share.

John remains devoted to the source of his awakening, the same truth that revealed itself to him when he was 17. He brings that depth of awareness to his work with others by offering a profound look into who and what we are.

John responds to invitations around the world and holds regular meetings at The College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton.

He holds four meetings per week, regular events abroad, and four major seminars in Edmonton. (Though many of these meetings have been curtailed during the pandemic, John continues to offer virtual meetings, and looks forward to returning to the in-person gatherings that are so important to him.)

At the College’s Jewel Cafe, those interested in John’s teachings can interact with him in a casual setting with tea and coffee, often dining together before the meetings officially begin.

Regardless of the setting, John always finds a way to connect with others. He encourages all levels of development and supports others as they grapple with personal and practical questions about their lives.

Work As An Author

John has authored two books, Unveiling Reality: The Awakening of Core-Splitting Honesty, and The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being In This World.

His first book, Unveiling Reality, is based on in-person meetings with John as he speaks to his experience with truth and awakening. The book allows readers to gain an understanding of the John de Ruiter that thousands of people know from personal experience during his retreats and seminars worldwide and in Edmonton, Canada.

His second book focuses on relationships, parenting and sexuality. The Intelligence of Love expresses the deep honesty that can change lives, and how the vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.

Personal Life

John loves the outdoors, whether it’s four-wheel driving, camping, or river boating.

His enjoyment of nature began as it does for many: in childhood. As a boy, John built rafts, raised pigeons, and explored the Canadian wilderness. Ever since he was a child, adventure, craftsmanship and exploration have been an integral part of John’s life. As he grew into a young man, John found a passion for carpentry, mechanics and shoe-making.

John continues to grow and develop on every level from the profound to the mundane. He finds depth and delight in everything he does from his transformational connections with those he meets to the creation of the perfect cappuccino.

John has three adult children and lives in Edmonton with his wife of 10 years.

“Get to know the dance of the unbroken, golden thread in your heart. It is your way.” -John de Ruiter