Impromptu Gatherings Sign Up

Before signing up to the Impromptu Gatherings WhatsApp Group, please review and agree to the process:

  • When you see a message that there will be a Gathering, simply reply “Yes” for your chance to participate. (Be sure to check that you have not been invited to the Gathering by the host, before responding.)
  • IF you are one of the first eight respondents, you will be sent the address to the Gathering, privately. (And your name will be removed from the WhatsApp Group for future Gatherings).
  • As a Guest, you may take one other person with you to the Gathering as your “Plus One”. (This might be your partner, your friend, one of your children or another meeting attendee.)
  • Note that only Guests are removed from the WhatsApp Group, not the Plus One! 🙂

Please note that the WhatsApp group is only for your “Yes” and not for conversations, requests for directions or other communications.
You must be 18 years or older to join.

Impromptu Gathering Hosts for Summer Seminar 2019

  • Adair & Robert
  • Ayaaz
  • Elodie & Gael
  • Gretchen & Daniel
  • Janine & Ananda
  • Joel & Katharina
  • Mira & Peter
  • Tina & Barak
  • Tyler & Leala
  • Valerie & Sigrid