About Café Topics

Originally, the Café Topics were available in boxes of cards at the Jewel Café at the College. The inspiration was to stimulate connectivity through listening and sharing, and they started as a set of 40 questions and topics. 

Now they are available here!

Read the Details, which includes a Connection Guide and The Process, and follow the The Process at least once. It’s simple and surprisingly connective!

If you are exploring with the topics with others, please be sure that everyone you are with wants to join in. 


Overall Guidance: Read this out loud before beginning.

  • Select one person to keep time.

Guidance for Sharing: Each individual has up to 2 minutes.

  • Consciously let in each person as you are sharing.
  • If a strong feeling or a pattern comes up for you, feel free to pause for a moment.

Guidance for Listening:

  • Enjoy listening.
  • Hold “unconditional positive regard” – enjoy the other regardless of what they are saying.
  • Refrain from helping or coaching the person sharing.

Start with a quick warm-up round for each person to say their name (if needed) and one short sentence, say anything you are moved to say.

Round 1

  1. Read the question aloud to everyone at the table.
  2. Everyone digests the question or prompt (1 minute).
  3. Begin with whoever wants to respond first, proceed around the table clockwise.
  4. Each person shares for 2 minutes.

Round 2

  1. As a table, vote on whether to respond to the same question again or to choose another one. Majority rules.
  2. Repeat step 2 to 4, as for Round 1.



Take 1-2 minutes each to share with the table. How was it to speak with everyone? What did you notice? What did you appreciate?