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What is Evil? And Your Indomitable Being” is a classic talk from 1998 that we’ve remastered and extended in the sense that the full meeting has now been included.  While working on and listening to this audio I was experiencing a real breakthrough in terms of understanding and comprehending the outside influence and presence of tension, which helps integrate it.  It’s a very uplifting talk and it really gives you tools to integrate that tension that is always present in this life.

Ever wonder where that voice comes from that tells you that “I did something wrong” or “I’m not ok”?  This talk really puts those voices or influences into context in a way that helps us release those patterns that are working on us and reach our own innermost. In this talk John makes very clear that when we listen to our innermost in the midst of tension, awakening is provoked within us and we become what we really are. It’s the tension that provokes awakening. it reminded me of the scene in Star Wars: the Force awakens, where the young woman Rey is facing the evil Kylo Ren for the first time. That moment of tension and peril is what causes the force within her to awaken, an awakening that then continues to unfold. Listening to this talk provokes awakening. It’s multi layered, it’s timely, it’s profound, and it’s also light hearted and humourous.

When tension is introduced inside of your surface bodies, there is a real awakening that is being provoked. You’re actually being awakened out of ignorance; discovering what you are through pressure, discovering the depth of okayness that you are, in the midst of tension.” —John de Ruiter

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